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 Sherry L. Shamp, DC

Pre and postnatal care for mommies and babies


Pregnancy causes changes to  occur in the body.  One of the biggest changes is low back pain.  A woman who never before experienced lower back discomfort may have mild to severe pain while pregnant due to the increased load on the lumbar spine (low back). 

The common myth that chiropractic care is not beneficial to a pregnant mom, or that she should not receive regular chiropractic adjustments while pregnant is being quickly dispelled.  And the advantages far surpass just that of back pain.  I am also trained in the Webster Technique involving breech positioning.

Not only is it beneficial, but it helps moms to have a more comfortable pregnancy and delivery.  I have had the privilege to adjust many moms in my office.  I love watching them grow then meeting their child nine months later!  As a mother of three, I know there are few things as important as the health of the family.  In my life, and in the lives of my patients, chiropractic care is part of the overall aspect of health.
Please let me answer any questions you might have and share with you the many benefits of chiropractic care.
I offer a reasonable pregnancy plan, $25 per office visit, which enables moms to get care as they need without a large financial concern.
1x per month for the 1st trimester
2x per month for the second trimester
Weekly for the   third trimester
6 weeks post-partem
Please call the office for more information.  
I look forward to meeting you.
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Sherry L. Shamp, D.C.